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How Cloud Kitchen Would Emerge Post Covid-19

  • Published on : 24/05/2021

The pandemic has brought about numerous vital changes in the food business. One such example is the popularity of cloud kitchens due to the increased dependency customers have on such establishments. Cloud kitchens, working on a delivery-only model, receive orders, prepare the meals, and deliver them to their clients.

The seamless way these cloud kitchens have managed to become the go-to option for people is no surprise. And there is no doubt that these kitchens will continue to be the new norm even beyond the pandemic era.

Top 3 Reasons for the Popularity of Cloud Kitchens

1. Contactless Service

The lack of physical interaction with customers makes it possible for cloud kitchens to function from multiple places, eliminating the need for more than few people to gather within one confined space.

So, these kitchens reduce contact among the people working within the kitchens as well as among customers. 

2. Increase in Take-outs and Home-deliveries

Keeping in mind the safety norms that cloud kitchens are following, people can easily rely on them. Instead of dining in, most people still continue to order online because of the looming threat of contracting the virus.

The increase in take-outs and deliveries point towards a rise in online kitchens as more people understand the importance of cloud kitchens and want to set up a cloud kitchen to serve customers after the pandemic.

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3. Needs Less Space Compared to Dine-in Restaurants

With COVID-19 around the corner, most people are hesitant to go to a conventional restaurant. However, they still want to gorge on delicious restaurant food. In fact, 33 percent of customers say they’ve availed more takeout food now as compared to before the pandemic. So, if you’re looking at bleak sales at your conventional restaurant, you might want to switch to cloud kitchens.

They’re small in space, menu length, and staff count. With the least number of people involved, from making the dish to delivering it, the importance of cloud kitchens, during and after the pandemic, cannot be denied.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Cloud Kitchens

1. Changing Priorities

Before pandemic customer reviews and taste dictated restaurant selection, the priorities for almost every person have changed in recent months.

The standards of hygiene and sanitation have now become vital parameters to judge a restaurant. In such cases, cloud kitchens prove to be a safer choice. That’s because it comes in contact with fewer staff members while cooking and delivering and hence, enforces better hygienic standards.

2. The Inevitable Shift Towards Online Ordering

Even before the pandemic, the shift towards apps and websites was evident and inevitable. Customers loved the convenience and discounts these apps offer and so, they prefer online kitchens much more.

While the shift was gradual, the pandemic has brought out the importance of cloud kitchens, both then and now.

3. The Acceptance of Newer Cuisines

Nowadays, people prefer to have multiple cuisines and so, many multi-cuisine cloud kitchens have emerged to satisfy this need. Through cloud kitchens, families can order a variety of combos catering to the tastes of every individual. 

Final Remarks

Over the months, cloud kitchens have seamlessly picked up the slack of large restaurants and become a great alternative for many restaurant owners. With COVID-19, the future of dine-in restaurants is hazy and uncertain. So, we believe, investing in a cloud kitchen is the safest bet you can make for your restaurant.

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