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How to boost your restaurant business via Instagram

  • Published on : 31/08/2020

Instagram is the hot spot for sharing aesthetic food content. You cannot deny food has been the most Instagrammable thing on the internet & we are all guilty of following the latest food trends on Instagram. 

Dolgona coffee, banana bread, over the top milkshakes are not leaving our feed anytime soon. Users are religiously posting snapshots of food on Instagram. The hashtag #food alone has 405 Million pictures to its name.

In a world like this, where millions of people constantly spend their time on Instagram we consider this as the biggest opportunity for restaurants to boost their business. 

Here are some tips & tricks to get started and get food orders directly from Instagram.

1. Post Consistently

If you have a bakery or a home kitchen from where you deliver food to various people, you have got to have an Instagram page. Rainbow cakes, dripping chocolate desserts, & the irresistible cheesy bread have made one of the best Instagram feeds for people and have grabbed many eyeballs. 

And while you are on Instagram, make sure you post every day because your diners love looking at their favourite food on Instagram on a daily basis. Let their feed be blessed with your exquisite food.

2. Set up the ‘Order Now’ widget on your Instagram page

Now that you have tempted your audience enough with the cheese pull of that bread, chocolate simmer on brownies and the beautiful colours of the rainbow cake, it is time to give them what they desire!  

Let them place their order right away from Instagram.

It is basic human nature to desire for something attractive as soon as you see it especially when it is food, but by the time the diners find a gateway to order like food ordering apps, the desire starts fading away & they lose interest. A smart businessman is the one who grabs this every opportunity at the right time. 

Instead of giving your diners the long route of ordering from 3rd party apps, provide them with the ‘order now’ button right in front of their eyes on your Instagram profile. 

Learn how to set-up the ‘order now’ widget on Instagram. 

3. Write a well explanatory bio

Anyone who visits your Instagram page must immediately be clear about what kind of food you offer & most importantly how to place an order with your restaurant. 

Some examples of Instagram bios that you can use-

  • A Home Bakery based in Delhi | Click on order now to check out the menu & order!
  • Self-taught baker | Delivering happiness since 2016 | Select ‘Order Now’ to order! 
  • A home chef spreading smiles with food | Select ‘Order Now’ button to order! 

4. Give the audience an insight into your business

Once your diners have connected with your business on Instagram, they would love to be updated about your offerings, an inside view of your restaurant’s kitchen, daily orders, how the food is prepared with utmost hygiene. When everything is transparent, it also builds trust among the diners. 

Here are the types of stories you can post daily to keep your diners engaged-

  • Behind the scenes videos of cake making, packaging & hygiene tips. 
  • Pictures of ‘out for delivery’ packages
  • The best of customer review 
  • ‘Only 5 Left in Stock’ updates to create FOMO among the diners & boost sales. 

Social media has been a gateway for many small businesses to market their products in the best possible way with little resources. 

With the pandemic going on, there cannot be a better platform than social media for any business to boost their sales at the time. You have your chance too. 

Get started today! To enable ‘order now’ widget on Instagram, contact us here. 


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