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How to Elevate Food Cost Control with a Vendor Management System

  • Published on : 14/06/2021

How to Elevate Food Cost Control with a Vendor Management System

An excellent restaurant or a hotel runs in sync with three main departments: customers, operations, and your partners. Maximizing the performance and maintenance of each of these departments is important in generating decent revenue and reputation. However, every institution wants to cut its expenditures in the process.

One way to ensure this balance is by elevating your food cost control strategy with a vendor Management System. Food distributors and vendors come under the domain of partners and they are very important for the success of hotels and restaurants. If you’re looking for answers on how to elevate food cost control for your restaurant, then you are in the right place. Let’s first understand what a vendor management system is.

What is a Vendor Management System (VMS)?

A vendor management system is a way many companies or organizations reduce their expenditures on food delivery and high potential future risks by taking the required steps. It also involves a high-quality delivery experience for the customer and connecting with the vendors in the long run.

You can create an efficient vendor management system for controlling your cost by:

  • Searching for the best suitable vendors
  • Comparing prices of different vendors and companies that provide them
  • Short-listing their services
  • Giving higher priorities to the quality of their work

You should also focus on your responsibilities by always paying on time and trying to develop a better connection for more strong results.

Advantages of a Vendor Management System 

There are many benefits for organizations having a better vendor management system. Here are our top 9 benefits of having a vendor management system:

1. Helps you Pick the Right Vendor

By having a highly efficient Vendor management system, your organization can select the right vendors in the right budget. You can choose vendors under your budget by comparing the rates of different vendors and selecting the one that suits your needs. Having multiple options to pick from is a complete win-win situation for you. You can also negotiate by cutting costs as there’s higher competition among the vendors to get some work.

2. Internet is the Way

The best way to cut off a lot of human and economic resources is to bring all your vendors online. This move will not only help you cut prices, but it will also help you develop a stronger connection and optimize your services. From ordering food to raising invoices, it can be completely transferred to online payment saving a lot of your resources and time.

3. Better Management of Vendors

If you have teams of multiple vendors, then it is important to regulate and keep them managed for the proper utilization of every team and individual. You need to manage contacts, details, locations, and orders in a very efficient way. Otherwise, you may end up complicating things, creating trouble, and losing money.

Having a better VMS will help your organization in maintaining records, getting your trust, and improving the efficiency in all your process.

4. Performance management

It’s important to have a performance management system for your vendors. This system can be in the form of grades, stars, or even reviews given from customers and your department as per their services.

Having better performance management will help you understand what strategies are working for you and who is performing better. Then, you can use this information to build a more efficient plan and select the right vendors. This plan will ultimately improve the performance of your organization.

5. Signing Contracts while Employing

Get a contract filled from a vendor for a certain period, as this will reduce the risk of them leaving abruptly or without notice. Instead, include a provision that ensures they give a month’s prior notice before leaving and set penalties for some rash behavior. These obligations bring out efficient quality work from them and reduce the risk of various problems.

6. Tracking

Use a GPS service to track your vendors and keep records of deliveries and time efficiency. This type of tracking will help you understand if a vendor is involved in mishaps or not.

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Some Challenges in Managing Vendors

As we’ve studied the advantages of the vendor management system, we know the benefits outnumber its challenges. However, understanding them is important for things to run smoothly for your organization. Here are some challenges you may encounter are –

1. Vendors Not Abiding By your Rules

You may encounter that many vendors will not perform as per your demands. So, it’s critical to lay a framework and certain guidelines to be followed by everyone to prevent many problems. Further, you need to monitor your vendors and let them know how important your rules are.

2. Setting Unrealistic Deadlines

Always remember to plan things than are practical and realistic, never set unrealistic deadlines and delivery times. It will affect your relationship with vendors and their efficiency too.

3. Not Being Adaptable

It’s critical on your part to adapt quickly to the needs of the market. If your strategy is not giving you desired results, then you need to change the strategy. It is never a good decision to stick with a plan that’s not fruitful. It is a game of trial and error.

You will encounter many more challenges from payment, sick leaves to a lot more. It is all about understanding the situation and acting wisely. If you’re curious enough to ask yourself how to elevate food cost control, you will surely find answers to these challenges.

Summing Up

We started this topic by asking “How to elevate food cost control” and we learned many ways to do it. A proper vendor management system plays a key role in cutting your prices down. The various advantages of a vendor management system help you to run things smoothly and increase your profits as well. We got the basic idea of how we can cut our prices by using proper planning and using the right resources. You can use these principles in many other aspects and can get a lot more benefits. Create the right plans and strategies and execute them well, and if they don’t work, change them. 


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