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inresto Cloud POS: Automating Online Delivery Business in the Middle East

  • Published on : 25/06/2021

The landscape of the F&B industry changed when food delivery aggregators disrupted the market a decade ago. The disruption has now become a by-product of the industry. The online food ordering & delivery market in Saudi Arabia is expected to grow at 10.05% CAGR during 2021-2026. Online aggregators like Talabat, Hunger Station, Careem, Jahez, among others, are facilitating the demand for delivery services at home in the Middle East market. 

inresto Cloud POS: Automating Online Delivery Business in the Middle East

Like every coin has two sides, managing orders from multiple platforms can be a tedious task for your staff members. There are high chances of orders getting mixed up, losing data, and mismanagement in resource allocation. Even during the pandemic, the online food delivery market in the Middle East has shown consistent growth. With the new dynamics and surge in demand for online services, the volume of food deliveries will rise in the near future. The best way to overcome such hassles and manage all the orders seamlessly from one platform can be done through integration with a well-defined POS system. 

inresto POS- A Fully Integrated Solution

inresto POS is a restaurant management software that helps manage billing, track order queues, customize offers, and assess reports on one platform. The cloud-based system allows a restaurant to operate on a remote server that can be accessed from anywhere using a stable internet connection instead of a traditional POS system that requires an on-site setup and stores data on a local server. Even when there is poor or no internment connection, there is no scope of data loss as it all is synced up as soon as the system goes back online.

1. Effortless Menu Management 

A fully integrated POS system allows you to easily modify your menu items. From images, food descriptions to image symbols, everything can be easily customised. Even additional configurations like discounts, item availability can all be managed from your POS directly. 

2. Automated Order Taking & Processing 

Connecting multiple aggregators with your point-of-sale can be done within minutes. With so many food delivery aggregators in the market, a restaurant receives orders from various channels, a cloud POS can display and organise all your orders for you on a single platform. Order status can be updated and tracked on the same in real-time. 

It also enables smooth coordination between the chef & the waiter with KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) & KDS (Kitchen Display System) that ensures hassle-free operations for the staff. 

3. Actionable insights

A cloud POS generates easily digestible and actionable insights from a range of detailed reports to streamline your operations & increase revenue. You can analyse the performance of your staff from the insights received & raise the overall productivity of your restaurant by incorporating necessary changes. 

4. Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management holds more relevance in the food delivery business today than ever with the growing competition. Therefore, you need to stay in touch with the customers to build and retain their trust. 

A cloud POS can be integrated with the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), Loyalty programs, Inventory Management, and Analytics to provide data in one place, reducing manual labor and increasing operational efficiency. This centralized system provided a comprehensive overview of incoming orders, order queues, reducing order-related errors, streamlining their pipeline, and improving turnaround time. With the data collected, you can create personalized loyalty programs and send promotional messages & emails to your customers.  

The Sugar Factory’s Dubai outlets, known the world over for its celebrity-endorsed Couture Pops, a Hollywood A-listers favorite hotspot, faced the challenge of streamlining and processing various incoming orders from multiple sources. It is one of the many outlets in the Middle East that overcame the challenge with the help of inresto cloud POS. 

Now you know what you need in this fast-paced world where the food delivery business is the future. Hope you make a wise choice for your business :))


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