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Instant Grievance Redressal: Ways to convert that bad feedback into a good one!

  • Published on : 17/12/2019

In the fast-paced restaurant world, there are times when you receive bad feedback or just an average one. Of course, you can reflect upon them and never repeat the same mistakes next time. But, do your customers have the patience for the next time when they have a hundred more options?

Did you know that 54% of customers share bad experiences with more than five people, while only 33% share good customer experiences, according to Zendesk.

What if we tell you that you can instantly gratify your customers while they are still at your restaurant and have them leave at a happy note? With feedback apps that notify the top management or the owner while the diners are still at your restaurant, you can take action instantly and save yourself from bad word of mouth later on social media or otherwise.


It’s the perfect marketing opportunity to engage with your customers and convert them into long-term ones, and you can do that in the most heartfelt ways so that your diners are all praise for you and nothing else! 

A free beer works like a charm

A Beer is the perfect solution to any problem, and if it’s free, nothing like it. 

You can send a free beer at your customer’s table with a personalised note which goes something like-

“We heard you didn’t like your cocktail, so here’s a beer on the house because everyone deserves their favourite drink on a Friday!”

Customers are always on the lookout for discounts

The only two things that a person loves to hear at a restaurant- 

  1. More Food 
  2. That’s on a discount

It bothers a customer when he has to pay the full amount despite not liking the experience. Psychologically, he is relieved when he is offered a discount, and you can neutralise his not-so-good experience.

You can either offer them a discount on the entire bill, say 20% off, or not charge them for a particular dish they didn’t like. 

 A mechanism to keep them coming back: Loyalty Program

Give them a reason to visit you again by offering them your loyalty program that gives them a series of discounts on a trail of visits or on the amount spent. 

Despite having an average experience, they will definitely think about you the next time they want to dine out and on a positive note, too.

A manager’s visit to the customer’s table

When the manager himself inquires about the problem, the customers feel that their preferences are important and the restaurant is willing to work on it. 

In the process, you can build a relationship with the customer, have an engaging conversation, be witty, and make him a loyal customer.

He is going home with some good memories now, instead of a bad experience.


Giving out discounts on every bad or average feedback could mean losses but remember-

  • You don’t have to follow this with every customer:

Filter out the important ones- like the high spenders and set the tone accordingly.

  • Bad reviews are being converted into marketing opportunities:

You are saving potential customers who might not have come to your restaurant looking at a bad social media review or word of mouth.

With this you are going to win some hearts this season, so wear your happy socks and slide on to those 5 stars in no time. 

See you at the top of the charts!


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