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All eyes on 2021: International travel revival can lead to full recovery of restaurants

  • Published on : 18/11/2020

With the onset of the festive season, restaurants are currently witnessing a recovery rate of 70%. It will be a little long but a positive journey for restaurants to restore to their full capacity. Hospitality and the F&B industry largely depend upon tourism, where restrictions are predicted to be lifted by the second half of 2021. 

Restaurants form an integral part of the travel industry. With technology at their disposal, all kinds of restaurants- independent, large chains or restaurants servicing within hotel properties are ready to serve the diners with necessary safety & hygiene measures. The lifting of Government restrictions brought in a new ray of hope for the industry and properties across the country that are now well equipped to cater to the new normal. 

Trends to keep a close eye on that can speed up the restaurant recovery rate:

Things are happening over a cup of coffee: Cafes.

People who are skeptical about crossing domestic boundaries for leisure have found their solace in coffee shops. With life treading back to normalcy, people have started to dine-out again, but most are spending their time in cafes during working hours to combat the emptiness of working with colleagues. Most customers have regained their confidence in restaurants & cafes as they use technology & hygiene measures to ensure safety. 

Once the international travel reopens, restaurants & cafes can expect a V shape recovery with more walk-ins. Many tourists prefer to explore small cafes & restaurants while spending hours there. 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy: Workations.

With Work From Home taking a permanent route, people are becoming more restless. It has opened the doors for a new trend called Workations. This is the new way to travel and end the monotony of WFH. The concept has become a much-needed escape for the corporate workforce and is eventually helping uplift the local travel industry & restaurants. Travelers opt for more extended stays, which means weekends buzzing with people who will be dining out.

Currently, this trend is popular among local travelers. Once the international border opens, workations will continue to be preferred amongst locals and foreign tourists. 

Luxury has a new definition: Staycations.

One of the trends that has shot up on the graph is the Staycations. Weekend leisure has taken an amplified form with luxury staycations. Restaurants operating within hotel premises have taken a sigh of relief with this upcoming trend. The demand for a relaxed stay is rising, along with the need for gourmet food. 

2021 looks more promising, with more tourists coming in and spending on some exquisite cuisines from around the world. 

Revenge is a dish best served by Splurging.

The F&B industry is picking up its pace as customers are now revengefully splurging while stepping out and having a nice meal at their favorite restaurant. With almost an entire year under lockdown and cooking fatigue looking like a syndrome to the most, people are rushing towards food to comfort their souls. The trend is likely to continue with the ongoing festive season and will only rise once the international travel restrictions are lifted. 

It’s time to sing a new rhyme- Sticks and Stones couldn’t break our bones and no obstacle can hurt our spirits. 2021 will be the year of revival and the F&B industry can expect a recovery rate of 90%.

Let’s get back to business!

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