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The Recipe of Success for a Home Chef

  • Published on : 10/09/2020

If there is anything, we Indians cannot live without it has to be Ghar ka khana! Food is a religion in India & we take it very seriously!

The aroma of freshly ground spices and the infused love and culture of hospitality is what makes it all the more special. 

During the lockdown, many of us discovered our love for cooking and found the time to try out new recipes! 

If you too have reached the stage where you have the power to make people drool over Tinde ki sabzi, banana bread, and Dolgona coffee then the world deserves a taste of the food that you make. 

You might be staying at home, but we won’t let your talent be limited within those walls! Let’s get it out there & spread happiness and love with food. 

Here’s all you need to begin your own little home-run restaurant-

1. Set-up a Menu

To begin with, your restaurant needs a menu. Identify the dishes that are most loved by the people around you. Make a list of the a-listers, do the pricing and curate a menu. 

In the social distancing age, where people would be cautious about touching pamphlets and paper menus, a digital menu is a perfect pick for your new age restaurant. 

Just like you contact the printing agency to send menus for printing, all you need to do is contact us, and we would set up a digital menu for you 🙂 

Forward it among your friends and family and set it up on your social media to make ordering easy for your diners. Here’s how

2. Advertise

There’s no doubt that social media is your best friend when it comes to marketing your home kitchen in this day and age.

Here what your need to sort first –

a.) An Instagram business account

b.) lots of pictures of your food

c.) a digital menu, & an ‘order now’ widget

Your diners can simply visit your Instagram profile, and place an order for all the tempting dishes that are there on your feed. 

Click here to know how it works.

3. Packaging

While stocking up on the packaging for food, you must keep the following points in mind- 

  • Make sure the packaging is such that the food stays intact, tape the box well. 
  • It should display your brand identity: Write your kitchen’s name on the box or put your brand logo. 
  • Go green: Make sure the use of plastic is minimum because the more good we think about our environment it does good to us. 

With these 3 basics covered, you can expand your small home kitchen into a restaurant and live your dream job. 

From acing the age-old traditional cooking like achaar to modern food trends like macaroons & croissants, we have all found bliss in cooking. That feeling when people love eating your food and cannot stop praising is not something words can describe. We know you have experienced it but also know that it is never enough. 

So, fix your chef caps, fire up your stove, wear the apron & get started on this home chef journey with us. 🙂

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