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Things to Know About Contactless Payment at Your Restaurant

  • Published on : 18/05/2021

Contactless payment solutions were popular even before the global outbreak of COVID-19. Millennials, in particular, love the idea of contactless payment solutions as they’re more tech-savvy than the older generations. However, during the pandemic, the older generations also realized the importance of contactless payment in restaurants. 

Things to Know About Contactless Payment at Your Restaurant

The pandemic has drastically altered the way we interact with people. Using cash transactions significantly increases the transmission risk among people. As a result, people have started to prefer contactless payment modes instead. 

Let’s discuss how contactless payment benefit your restaurant:

Commitment to Safety

Restaurants, just like many other businesses, have been closed for quite a while now. After months of lockdown, diners are apprehensive about eating out again. All this while, they have been ordering food and managing their work from home.

However, they do miss the overall dining out experience. Organizing a get together while following the social distancing protocols is what people are willing to try as they continue to cope with the pandemic.

The New Normal

Though most people would like to return to their favorite restaurants, the circumstances have been in their favour. As coronavirus outbreak continues to raise concerns of safety. 

During these times ensuring diner safety by implementing every necessary precaution is key. Your responsibility is to gain their trust and make them feel safe while they are enjoying their favorite dish from your restaurant. Incorporating contactless payment in restaurants is an indispensable part of that strategy. 

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Promoting Safety Regulations

How would people know what steps you have taken to minimize the spread of COVID-19? You’ll have to promote your safety measures through emails and SMS campaigns, and via social media. Yes, it would incur a minute cost but it is necessary to get your business up and running again. 

Let your diners know that they no longer need to use receipts, pens, pin pads, and terminals at your restaurant. Processing payments using a mobile wallet is the new normal in your restaurant now. With inresto, you can build an online ordering platform, a website, and enable ‘order now’ widget on Instagram for direct order that lets you communicate and stay connected with your diners. You can also leverage the inresto’s CRM software to send personalized SMS and emails to diners. 

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Staying Ahead of the Curve 

The COVID-19 outbreak has dented the global economy. However, things are gearing towards relative normalcy and the restaurant industry is finding new ways to bounce back. Contactless payments in restaurants are critical in today’s climate as they help you attain a competitive edge. So, we advise you to use contactless payments to recover your losses and boost your business.

Almost everyone owns a smartphone today, and so, contactless payment in restaurants is not an inconvenience for people. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! People don’t like to carry cash with them. So, you can consider this time as an opportunity to level-up your game and make digital contactless payments mandatory at your eatery. 

How Would Tipping Work?

While adopting contactless payment, you might be confused about how you can still accept tips from your customers. Especially for a full-service restaurant, it can seem quite overwhelming if your staff is not trained in the subject. What if we tell you that there is a safe and straightforward way of adding tips to your staff’s income? 

Here’s how you can do it safely:

  • Place the payment terminal near the guest after sanitizing it to ensure minimal contact
  • Guest can add the tip to the total amount generated by the POS system 
  • Guest taps his/her card 
  • Sanitize the terminal once the payment is processed

Not that difficult right? Moreover, except for the terminal which is sanitized before and after use, diners are only touching their cards and nothing else. 

Speed up Transactions

Contactless payment in restaurants allows you to make faster transactions by avoiding front-of-house pile-ups. If you’re anticipating a high volume of diners, the importance of contactless payment in restaurants grows by ten folds. With contactless payments, you’ll be able to serve more customers, increase your revenue, and move counter lines faster. 

For instance, it takes just 0.5 seconds to process payments with contactless credit cards of Visa. This process is much faster with payment wallets like Dineout Pay than cards that require entering a pin or using a chip card or payment wallets. 

Make Secure Payments

With contactless payments, diners never have to sign a receipt, enter a pin, or hand over their credit card. This makes contactless transactions more secure compared to their conventional counterparts. Also, no-contact options are equipped with cryptographic and sophisticated technology which adds an extra layer of security. 

This way your diners can rest assured that their payments are encrypted without any unintentional charges as card readers can scan at a maximum distance of two inches only. 

One Step Closer Towards Sustainable Transactions

Sustainability will play an important role in determining the competitive edge of a business in the future. Be the frontrunner and adopt sustainable technology to contribute to your future today! Think about the amount of paper you’ll save by not having to print receipts or use banknotes. 

Research suggests that it takes three million trees to produce paper receipts per year in the United States alone. Receipt production also results in the emission of 4 billion pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. By implementing cashless, contactless payment methods, you can contribute substantially towards the betterment of the planet. 

Final Remarks

As a restaurant owner, it’s essential to gain the trust of diners and promote your safety regulations during these trying times. This way, your restaurant will thrive even after the pandemic ends. That’s because cash transactions will continue to decline in the post-COVID-19 world. 

Besides, contactless payments are crucial for the sustainability aspects of your business. 


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