Imperfecto Restaurant

How inResto Transformed Imperfecto Into A Digital Restaurant?

Owned by Bel Cibo Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., Imperfecto made its grand entry in the Restaurant Industry in 2013 with their first restaurant in Hauz Khas Village shortly followed by the second one in Gurgaon’s Cyberhub. After claiming prominent spots in two of the most popular hubs in Delhi NCR, today Imperfecto has 6 outlets in Delhi NCR.

They have been a vivid user of inResto products. Recently. We got into a conversation with them understanding their mantra to manage one of the busiest gastropubs in Delhi and how technology has helped him simplify these tasks.

Imperfecto @ Dineout

Chaotic Manual Walk-In & Reservation Management
Prior inResto, walk-ins and reservations were managed manually. Since all the outlets are located in the busiest locales of Delhi-NCR, the number of walk-ins were huge. The unorganized way of managing these high number of walk-ins lead to customer attrition and eventually revenue loss. Also, the manual door management was an added manpower cost as well as time. There had been times when the host went inside to check for vacant seats and another guest just walked in the restaurant, leading to more chaos

With the advent of technology in almost every process of running a restaurant, Imperfecto understood felt the need of a system that can help their staff manage walk-ins and reservations more effectively, especially during rush hours.

With inResto Reserve in place, the staff of Imperfecto was able to manage bookings from various sources including direct calls, social media pages and table reservation platforms like Dineout. Also, with table management feature, the host was able to monitor the real-time status of tables, even on the rooftop, making walk-in and table management a cakewalk.

Customer Data is Super Important
Located in the most popular location, Imperfecto has its own pros and cons. While a good location increases the visibility, the same eventually made it difficult for them to sustain the number of new and repeat customers on a daily basis. That’s why Imperfecto organizes events regularly, even on weekdays to attract more and more customers. The challenge here was to inform the correct customers about these daily events. While Facebook & Instagram pages helped them spread the word, they cannot deny the fact that personalized messages targeted to a specific segment of customers proved to be extremely effective to get more customers.

Just like any other restaurant, the host used to collect the details either before the customers walked into the outlet and/or while filling the feedback form. The pen-paper method of collecting this data used to put extra work on the staff to organize the same in a proper manner post their shift. Another challenge was to use this data effectively to run for future leverage. With inResto, the customer data collection became super organized. Also, the proper customer timelines helped their marketing team to understand their customer and run targeted campaigns for better ROI right from inResto’s platform.

Restaurant Management Made Easy With inResto
With inResto, Imperfecto got a robust solution which let them:

  • Easily manage Reservations from various sources and walk-ins on a single dashboard
  • Seamless configuration of the floor and section layout and monitor the real-time status of tables to improve table turnaround time
  • Maintain customer records, preferences, dine-in history on a digital platform to offer personalized service, thus improving the overall dine-in experience
  • Collect & organize feedback digitally. Take immediate action for negative feedback to salvage the situation and enhance the overall customer experience.

“inResto is super easy to set up. We just gave a few details and the setup was entirely done by inResto team.” Karan Kumar, Manager – Informal by Imperfecto – Janpath

Driven more revenue and increase profitability by lowering table turn around time

  • 20% increase in repeat business by offering a personalized experience to guests – by capturing guests preferences, visit history etc.
  • 120 manhours saved every month
  • 30% Increase in operational efficiency
  • 300% increase in the customer database
  • Over 500,000 customers reach via targeted campaigns

inResto along with Dineout has opened new avenues for Imperfecto to not only manage their restaurant more effectively but also reduce the manual effort, thus helping them offer the best dine-in experience for all customers.

Image Source – Dineout | Imperfecto Facebook Page