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Types of Diners You Spot at Restaurants

  • Published on : 13/07/2021

Restaurant diners are diverse in nature. While some are price-conscious, others can be picky about the food for their palette. You spot them daily at your restaurant. While they keep you entertained,  you must know how to strategize wins with them! Without further ado, let’s dive into it:

Some commonly found diners fall among one of the below six categories:

1. The Picky Melons

At least once in their lives (majorly downplaying it), everyone has come across people who have weird food preferences. Seriously, who doesn’t like sambar because ‘it has too many flavours’? Trust me, they exist. These people will go to a restaurant and inadvertently either make a new recipe or break the old one. Restaurants that can meet their ideal taste palette are always in the good books of these food critics. 

Thankfully, inresto’s POS can collect such diner preferences and make suitable suggestions the next they visit and decide to skip cheese over a pizza. 

2. The Coupon Collector 

Everyone loves a good discount! While most people dine out to experience good food with good company, there are others who always somehow show up with just the right kind of coupons or discount cards at the right time! They know all about which new restaurant has a promotional discount offer going or which restaurant has combo Fridays for a good weekend binge. These diners are a cherry on top of a yummy cheesecake because they make good food with good company complete with good discounts! 

But do you know their secret? Chances are that these diners are a part of many loyalty programs run by restaurants. Companies like inresto help these restaurants create personalised loyalty programs for their diners. This is how they get all the latest discount offers! 

3. The Love Birds 

Love is an evergreen (and commercially viable 😉 ) emotion. And in the 21st century, people rarely try to hide their giddy smiles and sparkling eyes. Restaurants are their hotspot for dates and PDA. 

Some can’t keep their hands off of each other, while others might be there to re-ignite a spark that was fading due to lack of attention or communication. If your restaurant is the place where love blooms, it’s undoubtedly the happiest place we could imagine. 

Lovers form an important segment that restaurateurs need to focus on. There are so many that we can write another blog on them, maybe on Valentine’s Day! :p

As a restaurateur, you can keep those lovers coming back for more through inresto Campaign.

4. The Food Blogger 

Your restaurant can become a natural habitat for food bloggers if you have invested some thought into the ambience and food plating aesthetics. Food bloggers can become your biggest brand ambassadors. 

These are the people who arrive at your restaurant with their posh cameras and aesthetic eye to conduct a professional photoshoot and make people on the internet salivate! These pictures also instigate their followers to visit your restaurant. They can do your restaurant’s marketing well. 

As restaurateurs, if you want to target this segment, think Instagram-worthy food and ambiance. If the food is plated well, it will end up on social media, gaining you some significant clout without having to do anything major! 

5. The Indecisive Ones

There are people who always get their regular order at your restaurant, there are those who come with a list of recommendations from their friends and know what they want to try next, and then there are those who are simply lost – in your menu. These diners will take an eternity going through the whole menu. It will take them forever to land on something vaguely curious before they’re thrown into the abyss of confusion again. 

In such cases, friendly staff is all they are looking for. A staff that is well aware of the restaurant’s flavors and taste platelets it caters to, can recommend some new dishes to these diners and guide their decision-making. It will help your staff build a good customer relationship which helps in converting them into loyal diners. It will also prevent both your staff and your diners from driving themselves crazy, especially if you have an elaborate menu with some fancy cuisines! 

6. The ‘I want to speak to the Manager.’  

There is always a diner who demands to talk to the manager in case of some minor, unreasonable inconvenience. They will ask you ten thousand questions about your restaurant (sometimes unrelated to food and hygiene) before ordering a lime soda with a crusty cheeseburger with no cheese. Well, some of these are great talkers, and they keep the manager busy. :p

While this is part and parcel of any restaurant business, we look at it as an opportunity to make more friends for the restaurant. The manager can build a great customer relationship with them. This later can be utilised in creating personalised loyalty programs and campaigns. 

Also, inresto feedback helps in instant grievance redressal. You can send a free beer or a dessert to their table as a gesture. 

Parting Words

These are all types of interesting personalities that keep you entertained and happy. We all missed them, and we know you just couldn’t wait to serve them again. There is no greater feeling than going back to work and Unlocking the restaurant doors. 

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